World travel by cargo ship, what you lack in luxury, you gain in adventure!

Joseph Conrad once wrote that “the true peace of God begins at any spot a thousand miles from the nearest land.”  If you opt to travel the world by cargo ship, you undoubtedly find this truth on your adventure.

For those who travel by freighter or working vessel, you experience a different side of the world.  For one, this is a slow, methodical route.  Traveling by boat is always an adventure, on a container ship you’ll see things the average cruiser won’t.  Ports and cities along these routes are not on the usual tourist track – the result is an authentic experience.

Life at sea is a unique experience in and of itself, the pace is something unlike anything in the world today.  You never know what the tide will bring and the sunrises or sunsets are amazing.

On a working vessel, you are left to your own devices, entertainment is largely in the form of reading or playing cards.  A laptop or a tablet can be a great distraction if you download enough movies or tv series and sometimes sailors will trade movies onboard, depending on the vessel.

Like any real travel or authentic experience, the journey is more important than the destination.  You’ll experience things few have access to, whether it is an exotic port city or locking through the Panama Canal.  Travel by freighter or cargo vessel is a unique way to see the world.