Turn Your Perfectly Lit Selfie into Your New Passport Photo!

Selfie Case
Recording Artist Jazmin Sullivan using the TyLite Selfie Case!

Gone are the days that we have to dread taking our new passport photos. Halfway smiling and frowning, horrific fluorescent lighting and quite possibly the worst hairstyle choice you might have made all in one photo. Well you frequent globetrotter, get excited about ItsEasy, a new app that lets you take your own passport photo, in your own home, on your own phone!


Following a simple set of guidelines in the easy-to-navigate app, take as many photos as you need to get to that perfect shot Then, either send yourself a digital copy or pay a small fee to have it printed (in the correct size, of course) and shipped to you.

While it’s not actually necessary that you look stunning in your passport photo, when it comes to the stress and inconveniences of traveling, it’s the little things that count. And ItsEasy certainly may help your trip through customs go a bit faster.

Ty Hunter
Ty Hunter, Beyonce’s Stylist & Creator of the LED Selfie Case