Travel-size drone takes photography to a new angle

The ONAGOfly drone, onna the go

The ONAGOfly drone is destined to make an impression, it’s a gadget that bridges the gap between the “nanodrones” and professional models available on the market today.

For photographers, this little drone means big changes in the way you shoot and record video. Maybe you want to add a new element to your vacation photos or you just like to try out the latest thing.  ONAGOfly drone fits into all of those categories as a quadcopter that not only fits into your hand but offers HD video, facial tracking and “Follow Me” options.

These are amazing features and since the drone is small, it travels well. Imagine being able to get aerial views of any travel destination you go to?  The options are truly unlimited.

Control the ONAGOfly through your smartphone via Wi-Fi, the drone has a range of up to 66 feet and can lock onto your GPS in your smart phone to follow you through an activity.

Some of the incredible features of ONAGOfly are:

  • Obstacle detection – the drone’s sensors will detect obstacles in the drone’s path and adjust flight to avoid them.
  • 1080p video in HD quality, 30fps
  • 15MP camera
  • Smile detection system for automatic capture of selfies
  • USB rechargeable with 12-15 minutes of flight time

The ONAGOfly is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo where $199.00 will secure you a model once they are produced.  The planned retail price is $299.