Top 10 Wanderlust-Worthy Destinations for Couples

Thinking of a romantic weekend getaway in the upcoming weeks with your love? Or gearing up for an epic couples retreat with friends this summer? No matter the occasion, check out these inspiring destinations, perfect for an essential vacay with the one you love!

1. Island Life in Kauai, Hawaii

Flickr: howardignatius

Get a taste of serene, island life in Kauai, Hawaii and enjoy your days on the Nepali Coast. Beautiful beaches, snorkeling and amazing waterfalls – absolute paradise!

2. New York City During the Holidays

It must be said – New York City during the holidays is one of the most magical, winter wonderland experiences on Earth! The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, shopping on 5th Avenue, and if you get lucky, a white Christmas stroll in Central Park. Perfect snuggle weather!

3. Charming Charleston, South Carolina

Flickr: saifalnuweiri

With its southern charm and classic beauty, Charleston is the essential city for a relaxing couples getaway. The beach is also close enough for some adventure, a change in pace to slow, Southern summers may be nice for a change.

4. See the Incredible Beauty of Iceland

Flickr: jixxer

No sight in the world can compare to the Northern Lights, but this isn’t Iceland’s only spectacle – beautiful hot springs, volcanoes and glaciers – the entire country will leave you in awe.

5. An Outdoor Adventure in Peru

Take a jungle excursion and play with monkeys in the city of Puerto Maldonado and for some real adventure, journey to the city of Cusco to visit sacred Machu Picchu.

6. Refresh in Bali

A perfect destination to reflect on yourselves and your relationship. Stay on one of the many famed resorts, or have an Eat, Pray, Love moment by staying with locals, who can teach you the peaceful ways of Bali culture and life.

7. Romantic Train Ride Around the Country

How classic! Purchase an Amtrak Multi-Pass train ticket and stop in most major cities in America: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, DC, New York, Boston and more! Stay a few days in each city and have a mini-vacation in each!

8. Ballooning in Turkey

Soar high over Turkey:

The country of Turkey has so many sights to offer, but taking a hot-air balloon ride over the Turkish mountains in the city of Cappadocia seems like the epitome of romance.

9. Travel Italy by Car

Not only you can take in famous Italian cities, culture and architecture at your leisure, but the long car rides will prove for some essential quality time with your spouse!

10. Jungle Fun in Costa Rica

So many great relationship building adventures for you and your partner! Ziplining, white water rafting, fishing, snorkeling and more! The entire island of Costa Rica is one big, beautiful adventure!