The hanging spheres of Laos, a unique resort in the trees

The Nam Et-Phou Louey Biodiversity Conservation Area in northern Laos, Vietnam has been proposed as the site of a new eco-resort that features spherical pods hanging from the trees.  These are unconventional accommodations designed to give visitors a unique look at the landscape near the Nam Poung village.

The pods are part of a community-led design project by Cole Company, aimed at increasing eco-tourism and jobs for local villagers.

The structures are meant to emulate the bird nests and homes of native wildlife, they are made of bamboo and suspended via cables attached to the trees.  The pods are designed to hold two people in comfort.  The sleeping pods aren’t the only attraction, though, the project also wants to include an elevated bamboo observation deck.

Keep tabs on this project, it sounds like an amazing idea for a vacation!

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