Incredible off-road camper takes expeditions to a new level.

If you love to off-road but can’t find a trailer or camper who can handle it, the UEV-440 is for you.  Designed by Conqueror Australia, the camper is a compact trailer that has everything you’d expect to find in a normal recreational vehicle.  This isn’t just a trailer though, it is a luxury camper in the form of an off-road vehicle.  You can even pack the wine glasses and flat screen TV.

UEV stands for Urban Escape Vehicle and this trailer is designed to take you from the city to the backwoods.  The camper folds out to fit many essentials and accessories including a small kitchen, heat and ac, as well as a shower. You can sleep in a number of arrangements that accommodates families or couples.

The trailer is built for off-road and can handle the most difficult terrain, being only 4.4 meters in length helps create a tight tow point between the hitch and your vehicle.  It makes the UEV extremely agile around tight turns and corners.  It also has a beefed up suspension to help with uneven terrain.

Check out this bullet proof off-road trailer, it will make you envious!


UEV-440 website