Incredible camper that expands at the touch of a button

Tear-drop campers have a dedicated following due to their small size and ability to tow almost anywhere.  There is of course the disadvantage to this small size though, you have to cut back on living space.  Beauer has come up with a solution to this issue though with their telescoping camper.

The telescoping design gives the camper a similar footprint to a teardrop but adds 3X the living space at the touch of a button.  You don’t even have to unfold the furniture or prep to unfold the camper, just press the button and done!

The telescoping design adds abotu 40 additional square feet.  This extra area is enough to fit a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living, and dining room, and it has a lot of the comforts you’d find in a larger mobile home. There’s a double bed, shower in the bathroom, as well as a dining table and a sleeper sofa. The kitchen comes equipped with a two-burner stove and fridge too!

You can even customize your color scheme but for now this camper is only available in France.  Beauer is planning on expanding their market to the rest of Europe and the United States within the next couple of years though, so stay tuned!

Beauer has plans to integrate the 3X into a camper van called the 3XC:

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