For those on the go, this amazing hoodie lets you recharge anywhere

If you travel frequently you know that trying to get some rest can be a pain in the neck, literally!  Whether you’re leaning against an airplane window or crammed into the middle row it’s not easy to find a comfortable position.  And who really wants to use one of those airplane pillows anyways?

Hypnos has taken the idea of napping on the go and transformed it with the Inflatable Sleep Hoodie.  It’s genius in a hoodie, the ultimate comfort garment.  With just a few puffs of air you can turn your hoodie into your own fortress of solitude.

The Hypnos Hoodie is made for those on the go, whether you just have a busy lifestyle or are a constant commuter, the hoodie is designed for anyone who needs a minute to rest.  Let’s face it, travel can be exhausting and there aren’t many options for getting comfortable or catching up on your sleep.

The Hypnos Hoodie takes a classic, cozy sweatshirt and inserts an ergonomically-designed inflation pillow into the hood.  If you want to relax, just blow into the inflation valve that’s discreetly hidden in the hood itself and you instantly have a soft, clean place to rest your head.

The Hypnos Sleep Hoodie is currently on Kickstarter, pre-order yours today and leave the window-leaning to someone else.