Dreaming of the Tiger Spring

At the foot of Daci Hill in the Zhejiang Province of China is the Hupao Spring.  It is also known as the “Dreaming of the Tiger Spring”.  The landscape is scenic and serene but at the spring is a sculpture of a reclining man, caught in sleep as two tigers creep down the rocks toward him.  The sculpture emanates a surreal sense of peace as does the spring itself.

The sculpture tells the history of the spring itself, of a legend of a monk named Huanzhong who left the temple to search for water.  While he was outside the temple he fell asleep, comforted by the natural world around him.  In his sleep a spirit spoke to him, telling him that two tigers would guide him to water.  When he woke, the monk found two tigers scratching the earth at his feet, eventually causing a geyser of water to appear.

The sculpture is an incredible piece of art and history combined into one.  Discovery the serenity of the spring and its quiet statue.

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