Amazing new backpack designed for the traveling photographer

You know how it is when you travel, you want the perfect bag to get you where you’re doing.  Right now you probably have a closet full of ones that just didn’t make the grade.

If you’re a photographer or digital nomad, the search for the perfect bag is a lot more difficult.  How do you find something that protects your gear, hauls your clothing and essentials while still meeting those airline carry-on restrictions?  It was difficult, if not impossible to meet those demands.

Meet ProGro, the backpack that helps you pack everything you need into a carry-on.  ProGro was designed for digital nomads, people who like to pack light but who still like a little technology when they travel, whether that’s in the form of a tablet, laptop or professional camera system.”

ProGo features a sleek exterior that doesn’t drag you down, made of waterproof nylon, the bag can handle a variety of weather conditions.  This is a bag that puts everything you need in its place.  This means no more digging around for items in a security line or unpacking everything at the hotel room.

Speaking of unpacking, one of the coolest features of ProGo is the removable, accordion-style shelf that is integrated right into the bag itself.  Remove the shelf and hang right in the closet.

ProGo was designed with photographers in mind and comes with a six-piece modular set of Velcro padding.  The means your gear will be protected, no matter what happens.

Other cool features include:

  • Secret pouch – a place to put valuable items that isn’t as obvious, it is also inaccessible when wearing the pack on your back.
  • Bluetooth tracking – ProGo has an integrated Bluetooth tracking device built into the bag, you’ll never lose your bag or worry about theft again.

Check out the Kickstarter page for ProGo and pre-order your bag today.