6 amazing gadgets that will change the way you travel

There’s no doubt about it, technology makes all of our lives easier and this includes travel.  From the simple to the complex, this list shows off the tech that makes any day at the airport more like a day at the beach.

1August Smart Lock

A smart lock is the key of the future and quickly becoming part of the “smart home” model. The August Smart Lock consists of a keyless entry system that you can control from your smart phone.  Install the lock into your front door and viola!  Instant access to your house from anywhere in the world.  Need a friend to check on the house?  Grant them access with the touch of a button, you can even set an expiration date to their entry code.  You can add or delete access with convenience.  The system is secure, using the same encryption that banks use to ensure their security.  If you lose your phone, no problem, you can login to august.com and disable the phone from there.