A winter wonderland in the Swiss Alps

If you’re one who loves the snow and winter weather, it’s time to get cozy at the Whitepod Hotel in the Swiss Alps.  The hotel features 15 geodesic domes and all of them are overlooking the mountain landscape.  The property has a variety of activities including dog sledding, skiing and there’s even a luxury spa.

All of the domes or “pod” have different experiences whether you’re looking for Cozy, Family, or Deluxe.  The domes have wood-burning stoves, bathrooms, a terrace, access to a sauna and tea time daily.  The Deluxe doom is the epitome of comfort with satellite television, minibar and in-pod massages.

Part adventure and part luxury, the Whitepod Hotel has something that appeals to many types of travelers.


Whitepod looks just as picturesque in the warmer months, too:

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