Hop aboard the Sky Bike and pedal through the tree tops!

There’s an amazing array of animals in the rainforests of South America and the best place to view them is from the canopy itself.  The Mashpi Lodge resort in Ecuador has found a way to take you up and into the trees with the “Sky Bike”.  Dangling from a cable, hundreds of feet in the air you’re treated to spectacular views of the Andean Cloud Forest.

The Sky Bike is similar to a zip line, the seats are suspended from a cable but instead of flying through the forest, you pedal your way through at your own pace.  You even get to take a friend since the Sky Bike has two seats!

Since you’re controlling the speed you can stop to admire the view or take in the native wildlife, anything that catches your eye, you can admire from the Sky Bike.

It’s built for two people and even kids can do it, though if you have a problem with heights you may want to pass.  At the highest point the Sky Bike suspends you some 200 feet in the air.  The journey itself is about 650 feet through the jungle and canopy.


The Sky Bike is a great way to see the rainforest but that’s not the only reason to visit the Lodge.  It features a 3,200 acre rainforest reserve with stunning waterfalls and incredible hiking opportunities.  Head down to Ecuador and find out for yourself!

(via My Modern Met)